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Jewish Heritage Tour in Istanbul


In the morning, visit the neighborhood of Galata where many of the Jews fleeing from Spanish Inquisition in 1492 settled.  Visit the Galata Tower, built by the Genoese in 1303.  Continue to Neve Shalom Synagogue, the biggest one in Istanbul, built in 1951 for the Sepharadic Jews.  Visit of Balat district which has been the earliest neighborhood of the Jews from 1492 and on.  Star of David can still be noticed on the facades of some of the buildings. Then visit Or-Ahayim Jewish Hospital (also called the Balat Jewish Hospital), built in 1897; continue the tour with Ahrida Synagogue built over 500 years ago. 


All year around.
Daily,  except Saturday and during Jewish religious holidays
Kosher lunch can be organised at Or-Ahayim hospital  ; upon request mostly for groups.
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